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​ I am available everyday (week days and weekend), at any time, but with prior notice.

 If you’re last minute, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll see what I can do. 


 To book a moment together, contact me by email, text messages or by filling

the form in the section Contact.

I won't answer texts messages that says «Hi, how are you », etc. I won't take calls as

well, so please don't call me!  Please, go to the essential.


In your contact message, please include:

- Your name

- Age


- Date and time desired

- Screening method chosen:  a reference, a ID or a deposit (see next section). 

Of course you can tell me about yourself if you want,  but it’s not mandatory :) 


For security purposes, I am requesting a screening. You can choose between: 

1. a ID photo (I only need to see your name, photo and age, not the address). 

2. Reference from another independant companion ( with their phone number or email)

3. Deposit of 50$  via e-tanfert, a gift card of my choice or Paypal. 


    The donations are not negotiable, but I am a understanding person: if you have a limited budget, i invite you to talk to me about it.  I’m sure we can figure something out. After all, les bonnes affaires font les bons amis! 

Please have the donation clearly visible (ex: an enveloppe on the couter) or give it to me at the beginning of our appointment. 


 I am expecting  you to be fresh like a flower when I kiss and eat you.  A shower is available at my Incall (Oh yes). I reserve the right to refuse anyone who has a lack of hygiene (or send him/her right under the shower with no shame). Hygiene is not a luxe, honey. 

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