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Hello, I’m Effy.

Let’s jump right into the boiling water: Ill start by saying that I describe my self as an intense and colourful woman. I go to even, to hell and to even again- every day and every night. I also like to call myself a modern NYMPHOMANIAC. If you let me, please let me give you a basic (and very white-straight tinted) definition of what a nymphomaniac is. 


noun : A woman with excessive sexual desire.

adjective:  of a woman Having excessive sexual desire.


Notes: Nymphomania and satyriasis were terms previously used for the condition in women

and men, respectively. 

« Hypersexuality is a term used for a presumed mental disorder which causes unwanted or

excessive sexual arousal, causing people to engage in or think about sexual activity to a point

of distress or impairment.[1] It is controversial whether it should be included as a 

clinical diagnosis[1][2] used by mental healthcare professionals.  (Wikipedia).

Now, thats the «official definition» . For me, being a nymphomaniac means loving sex/having/

needing sex more than the majority of people my age/race/social class/who is also a SW, etc.). 

I always like to use a movie I really love as an exemple. So, for those who knows the reference, I would say of myself that « Perhaps the only difference between me and other people is that I've always demanded more from the sunset. More spectacular colors when the sun hit the horizon. That's perhaps my only sin»(Nymphomaniac, Lars Von Trier, 2013).

Do I have, after all this, tell you that I love sex? I dont like to convince anyone to try me like we try a new expensive-but-so-good-looking-new toy.  I can't promise you anything; everyone is different, some energy or personality simply doesnt match. 

I like to think, however, that every person you meet is part of a bigger puzzle that is your life- everyone has a tiny but important place. When I’m with a lover, I like to be cuddled, touched and kissed. I like to give all my energy, my power and my feminity into the person Im with. Enough talking about body/ies. 

A little bit about me. 

I am Montreal grown and raised. I know the city very well, but most importantly, Montreal has a very important place in my heart. I am very introverted by nature and  prefer to stay home in sweat clothes, watch a movie or read a book with my dogs laying next to me. That being said, Montreal is such a beautiful and nice city that I *sometimes* like to go out well accompanied to have dinner, to enjoys drinks at a cozy bar or at a music show.  


When I was a kid, my dream was to be a psychiatrist. My dad then told me that I had to be very good in maths to study medicine (I wasn’t). I therefore decided to study in psychology. I am so, so fascinated by the human brain and mind; Its so messy, complicated, sometimes very sad, but also incredibly beautiful.

My other passion is cinema. I promess you that if we watch a movie together, we'll analyse all the details, the subtilities of the images and the sounds, the power of the discrete message. Ahhhhh! 

 I am a VERY honest person. Im still learning to lie, but it takes time.  Be patient. 

Or F*ck this, can we just be honest toward each other? Maybe then well both stop to waste our time,money and pleasure. Remember my mantra: The straighter, the better













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